The days ramblings…

Ever have one of those days when you get to work, you don’t remember how you got there?  Well, I don’t exactly remember how I got home from work. The day started off as most work days do.  Woke up, still breathing, hot shower, cats dancing around telling me to go back to bed, hungry fish. Then I got to work….

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. It’s always busy, never a dull moment, and most of all the people are really good to me. Every now and again you get someone who is cranky or having a bad day, but you will have that when your office is mostly women. How our few token guys deal with it, I must find out.

Everyone seemed to have a bad day today, pushing my already fragile control over the edge. I believe at one point I mentioned shoving a stapler remover under someones nails…. A good friend helped calm me down with a new meditation exercise.  After a bit of slow deep breaths and visualizing, I calmed down.  Then the next person called in.  I considered ripping my phone off my desk and throwing it into the nearest wall.  Hey, at least it was a step down from the stapler remover.

No one else seemed to be having any better of a day. Lost in a sea of hardness doesn’t make it any easier to roll with things. I try to remember what one of my best friends always tells me. “Learn to float with the river, if you fight it when there are rocks and rapids, you will only drown.” Thing is, when you are in the middle of your anger and frustration, you would rather drown someone else possibly by bashing them repeatedly with those rocks. Or maybe even … got to stop this track of thought. My hubby says I will scare people.

Anyway, I suddenly realize I am home now.  Don’t exactly remember how I got here, but there is no blood, guts, dings, or dents in my truck, so I must have done okay. And the cops didn’t have to show up and escort me anywhere for anything. Double bonus. My oldest cat is sleeping on the top of the couch, his purring next to me is oddly soothing. Don’t remember what I was even angry about anymore. I think things are going to be okay…..

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