Lacey V

The moment Lacey had laid her head down in the tree; she was cast into a deep sleep. Images flashed before her from things that had just transpired. Everything was in such clarity that she screamed inside when the dark priest touched her, it felt so real. When he threw her into the wall, everything went black and she slipped deeper into her dream.

Her father swam before her with the madness in his eyes. Hate seethed from every part of his body at her as she walked out of the woods with Kevin hand in hand. This time she saw the razor wire, she wanted to plead with her father, but was unable to change the fate of that night. The wall she had built up around her heart tumbled down and the wounds bled fresh, again everything went dark as she slipped further away.

The next vision that came to her dream was of a tall woman with long blonde hair. She was incredibly beautiful, Lacey felt an instant connection with her. The woman was in a battle with something Lacey could not quiet make out in the dark foggy area she was in. She moved with a grace and speed that had an almost inhuman quality to them. The amulet around the woman’s neck started glowing, raising the hair up on the back of Lacey’s neck. The power filled the area, made the air so thick you could have cut it with a knife. As the glow of the amulet grew, Lacey could see the opponent was not human at all. It was a creature she had never seen before, the massive size of it alone was more than double that of the woman. Hair covered it’s body and eyes that glowed green, reflecting the light of the amulet. The beast appeared to grow weary of the battle and despite the toothy snarl, it became almost docile in action.

The woman pounced on the beast and with a blade Lacey had not noticed before and sliced it’s throat open. On the back swing of the blade, she plummeted it into the creatures chest. With a shudder, it became very still in the area, the fog lifted and the moon washed over the area. Lacey recognized the farm she grew up on. Looking back at the woman, Lacey noticed that she had risen and was walking towards where Lacey was watching from the edge of the field in the woods. Unsure what her role was, Lacey stepped back as the woman passed by her. A faint fragrance of spice wafted in the air behind her and Lacey was drawn to follow the woman.

The woman came to the very tree Lacey was having the dream from. She paused touching the tree and the woman became more solid to Lacey, less dreamlike. Turning to face Lacey the woman met her stare, “Hello my daughter, I have been waiting for you to come here.” Her voice was soft and strong at the same time.

“Y-you are my mother?” Lacey could not hide the tremor in her words.

Smiling the woman said, “Yes my child, I am so proud to finally get to meet you finally. You have become the woman I had hoped you would, so strong and beautiful.” Her eyes became sad as she looked at Lacey. “I am so sorry I was not able to be a part of your life, but for the women of our family, it is not possible.”

Lacey took a step towards the woman, closing the gap enough to reach out and tentatively touch this woman that claimed to be her mother. “Mom?” she whispered, tears pouring down her face. Her mother reached out and caressed Lacey’s cheek and Lacey fell into her mother’s arms crying. “Hush now my precious child, we have very limited time for this.”

Sniffling, Lacey pulled back enough to see her mother’s face, everything was still very surreal to her. Was this just a dream? “It is time for you to learn the legacy of your lineage, what you are about to become.”

“I don’t understand,” Lacey’s mind raced trying to grasp what she was saying.

“I know, it’s very sudden and much to take in. I’ve been watching over you all this time, but was not allowed to interfere. In this space of time, while your body sleeps in this place, I can see you and pass along what you need to start the next chapter of your life.” Her mother paused for a moment, a proud smile that reached to her eyes as she looked at Lacey. “You are a magnificent woman, and that is because of the blood that flows through your veins. Centuries of women warriors, fighting the evil that lurks in the shadows and terrorizes our world. I am so proud of the woman you have become. You are a true fighter.”

Her mother reached to the amulet around her neck, lifting it over her head, “This is the symbol of the power of our lineage, it will help you as you continue to learn and grow.” She placed the amulet over Lacey’s head, letting it rest around her neck. “It will protect you when you need it most. This is the blade of our family. It has been passed down from mother to daughter for hundreds of years now. Hold it true and it will guide you in what you need to do.” She held Lacey’s hand as she placed the hilt of the blade in her hand, their hands closing around it.

Something changed, the feeling of power and wisdom being handed down in this private ceremony. Lacey felt a strength come over her, and a sense of peace she had never known before. “I do not understand Mother, but I will do my best.”

“Things will be very different for you now. Percy will be here soon, listen to him. He will train and guide you where I cannot.” That sad smile came over her face again. “It is time for me to go now.” She reached out with her hand and touched Lacey’s face again, the scent of spices filling her with an overwhelming sense of love and peace. “I love you Lacey.”

“Lacey.” she heard her name called, but no longer by her mother. Sitting up she rubbed the dream from her eyes and found Percy standing there before her. The amulet was around her neck, and the blade by her side. She whispered, “I love you too mom.”

10 thoughts on “Lacey V

      • Please put these together with a cover letter and get them to a publisher of horror books (maybe the publisher who did Anne Rice’s vampire books) immediately. You write very well.

      • Sara, you really are too kind. I don’t think Lacey is close to that, but I do have a novel I am working on. Lacey is like my sunny warm vacation spot to get away. LOL

      • Therapy, have you considered therapy or at least coffee ice cream with hot fudge. 🙄 Lacey a warm vacation? You must think Criminal Minds is a latte. And I was getting ready to write CBS president a piece of my mind with the gore that is on at 8 pm.

    • But I like writing fiction, that was real bad and true. But wait, I might have a horror story I could write and use part of it…. Zombies rising up out of their boxes to avenge their deaths upon the ones that hurt them….

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