My Fairytale

Having just been through a disillusion with my husband of ten years, life has been nothing but chaos for the past month. We have parted on good terms and in fact we are still good friends. Both of us moved the weekend before Christmas and spent the last two weeks of the year cleaning our apartment to turn in the keys on the last day of the year. I really couldn’t have picked a better time of year to add this level of insanity to our lives. 

The last thing I am looking for now is a relationship or hooking up with anyone. I need some down time to myself to regroup and rebuild my life, getting the chance to work on my true passion, writing. I was talking with one of the girls at work about white knights in shining armor and it made me wonder, what would my version of a “white knight” be?

First of all there’s no such thing as fairy tale endings.  Happily ever after involves chainsaws and zombie modified shot guns. Heck, if I could choose the way I go out in the end, it would be a big greasy spot at the race track. Race cars on a road course racing being my only other passion in life. The smell of burning rubber and the octane just does something to me. Sometimes I think I must have come out of the womb with my foot on the gas and the rearview mirror torn off.

On that note, there would be no white steed for me.  For me, I am into classic cars and hot rods, all old school for this girl.  Now this is really nice, a 1967 Pontiac GTO Goat 389  gto

She is a beauty for sure, but not the something I am feeling today.  So I thought some more, what kind of car can handle my moodiness and take me where I need to go?  You know those days, when you want to burn it all up?


While nice, a drag car isn’t going to do either, I need something that has character.  There is always the fun little chop jobs,


after all this one has the flames I feel and it can go, but still, something is just not right.  So I started thinking about motorcycles.  Yeah, I’m a biker fanatic as well.  I even found my perfect one.


Oh yeah, I could sit back and enjoy the freedom that only bikers understand. 

They are all great choices, and a lot of fun.  I this is my chariot, my trusty stallion that carries me off into the sunset.   It has to have room for me to store everything I need from my notebook and pen for writing to my zombie slaying weapons.  At the same time it needs to growl and do the job I need it to.  Protect me from zombies like the Army does.


I’m a classic lover though, and a girl like me needs a trusty steed that gets her through all the times ahead.  Will you be surprised to find it is a 1971 dark charcoal and gunmetal Nova SS?



Oh yes, that makes the sky open up, the sun come out, and the angels sing for me. 

What about the white knight you ask?  Well, I’m at a point right now in my life where I just need the sound of my eight ponies under the hood and a long dusty road.  Who needs fairytales of white knights and princesses, give me a mean hot rod loaded down, ready to go, rearview mirror torn off.  Now I’m ready to take on the apocalypse!


4 thoughts on “My Fairytale

    • Yeah, but you can glance over your shoulder for that. The mirror makes it too easy to just stare off behind you and you miss the beauty that is around you and in front of you. Thanks Sara, it’s good to see you again!

      • I check all the time, but I know you have been having a difficult time and not posting too much though I hope you are writing all those feelings that are percolating. It’s hard to comfort from far away. So consider yourself hugged little girl!

      • Aww, thank you Sara. I have been trying really hard. A lot of the stuff I have been writing has been submitted for publishing. Poor Lacey, I just haven’t had the energy for her. 😦

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