Poetry From Beyond the Mist

After all this time I believe I finally understand the meaning of, “a labor of love.” For over six months I have been working hard on a book of poetry that I was under contract with the Library of Horror Press. As of today it has gone live, and I would like to present to you, ‘Poetry From Beyond the Mist’.


Inner turmoil rages, monsters from the dark constantly pull you back down into the murky depths of a haunted life. Innocence lost, the demands of the living become a burden that weighs heavily upon your shoulders. The evil that attacks us everyday, keeps the clouds so dark that the sun cannot be seen. With small glimmers of light to keep you driving forward along your path, discover the torments of the soul and mind.

From the deepest darkest dungeons of her mind, Elizabeth LaFond emerges to share with you those things which should be left in the shadows beyond the mist.

I have to thank a few people that if they hadn’t stepped in and helped me out, I would not have gotten this opportunity. David Naughton-Shires of KnightWatch Press did the amazing cover art for my book. Monique Snyman of Killer Aphrodite, David Dunwoody, author of ‘Empire’ insert link, and Stephen North, author of ‘Dead Tide’ and ‘Dead Tide Rising’ , for the blurbs they took the time to write for the back cover of my book. I also want to give a special thank you to Benjamin Rogers, author of ‘FAITH & THE UNDEAD.’ As a fellow author, roommate, and my best friend, he has done more for me in getting this together and out there to share with the world. Thank you.

Not to forget my fans and followers who grow more everyday. Thank you. I hope you will enjoy my first book and come back for more.

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