My Life with Faith

My Life With Faith…

So Ben and I went fishing.  At least that’s how most of our stories start now.  When we got up to our favorite fishing spot, we discovered that it was 16 with the wind chill.  That alone isn’t so bad; we wear plenty of layers and still have a good time.  However the river was running so rapidly that it was just too dangerous to even attempt it.  While fishing is our life, it isn’t worth your life to take such risks.

So we decided to spend our time in Amish country doing a little shopping and enjoying the food and culture.  Then this conversation took place.

Ben, “Want to get a dog?”

Me, “Sure!”

Ben, “You are supposed to say no.”

Me, “Why would I lie to you?”

Ben, “Sometimes you are supposed to lie.”

Me, “Well I did at Christmas and your birthday so you wouldn’t know what you got.”

Ben shook his head, cursed, and pounds the steering wheel.

Me, “What is wrong?!?!”

Ben, “You’ll see.  Want something to drink?”

This led us to a little convenience store where we got two waters and a bunch of local papers and ads.  Getting back in the car, I was still very confused as he opened the ads and started reading the classifieds.  He was looking for a dog.

So began the search.  After all, if we don’t both love the puppy, we won’t get her right?  Obviously I’ve never had a dog nor searched for a puppy before.

Over lunch we made some phone calls.  Most of them were no answers; one lady was even in Scranton, PA!  We were trying to figure out what to do as we came to one of the local stores we’d been trying to stop in for months, but always got there too late and they were closed.  Funny thing, they had puppies for adoption.  So we rushed in to see they had a bunch of fluffy poo dogs.  You know the ones, shitzu, cockapoo, terriorpoo.  Nothing we were even remotely interested in.  So we asked the young lady if they knew of anyone that had border collies, because that is Ben’s favorite type of dog.  She didnt know, but directed us to the gentleman at the front of the store.

Me, “Excuse me Sir, the young lady said to ask if you know of anyone that might have a border collie puppy?”

Ben, “Or Aussie, or other herding dog.”

Amish gentleman, “Well, what color are you looking for?”

Ben, “Color doesn’t matter, we are looking for personality.”

Amish gentleman, “Well, you go up this road for 8 miles, you will come to this town, then it is exactly 1 mile after that on the left.  Ask for Andy, he is my brother.  He just had some pups.”

So we got back in the car and became very nervous, we were actually going to see puppies that we were looking for.  The gentleman was right; it was exactly 1 mile after the town.  The place was closed though.  Unsure what to do, Ben parks and we get out.  He stops me before I stepped foot on the grass.  “Let them see you.”  Sure enough, an older Amish farmer comes ambling down the hill towards us.  He told us Andy wasn’t there, but he would go get his boys and to meet them over by the barn.

For those that don’t know, the Amish don’t speak English as their primary language.  They speak a sort of Pennsylvania Dutch.  As they get older they do learn English though.  One of the boys was very hard to understand, but he tried really hard to find the right words.  His older brother spoke very good English though and we were able to communicate very well.

Amish Gentleman, “You can come in if you don’t mind cows pooping on you.”  Sure enough, there were two long rows of cows that are faced out, so we had to walk between their hind ends.  Neither of us was afraid, so in we went following the boys.  They both held up 2 pups each, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Their very friendly Momma was standing right there at our legs.

Of the 4, there was one that just tucked herself right back into the boy’s arm and softly grunted.  When Ben picked her up she put her head right down on his shoulder.  The look in his eyes said it all.  She was ours.

As soon as we got back to his truck, I sat down and put a blanket on my lap.  The little puppy crawled off the blanket and up onto my shoulder, tucking her head in against my neck and went right to sleep.  Soft snores and chuffs, she was perfectly happy right there.

Choosing her name was easy actually.  Faith is something we always talk about.  You don’t have to be religious to have faith.  All you need to do is believe in something greater than you.  It’s a rule we live by.  Some people go to church on Sunday’s to worship.  We go out on the water and enjoy what nature has given us and say thank you.  So she quickly became our Faith.

I whispered in her ear all the things she would get to have and about her new family, two cats, a little girl, lots of dogs in the neighborhood.  I promised her that we would always keep her safe, and she would help heal us and keep us safe too.  She softly chuffed at me.  At a red light Ben looked over at me and smiled.  So begins our life with Faith…


Faith and Ben found sleeping in each others arms

Faith and Ben found sleeping in each others arms

Our first car ride!

Our first car ride!


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