Grey clouds creep on cold breezes.

Moist flesh embraced frozen lovers.

Electric currents rake gooseflesh armor.

Molten pool encases feet, licking ankles.

Face cradled by hands of bone.

Razor teeth drag swollen lips.

Tornadoes swirl, heating frozen breath.

Blue flames alight in hollow sockets.

Darkness glows frenzied storm.

Anguished moans chorus.

Lightning sears the break.

His corpse falls.

Blood stained tears.

Her wings spread.

Azrael’s passion denied.



I hope this post finds all of my friends and fans doing well. As many of you know, I have been diligently working on my first book, a collection of my darker poetry. Being as you all have been so patient in my downtime to finish it up, I thought I would share a funny little story of what just happened this past weekend.

Friday after a long week at my day job, I finally arrived home. I opened my screen door to go into my home and find a package fall out. As my arms were full, I juggled things around and got in the door. Setting it down on the counter, I saw that it was a package for me from Createspace, which would be the company that prints out the novels and books from my publisher. I think my stomach dropped through my toes when I realized what it was. The proof copy of my book. The final step before any book goes live to the public. It was here. I did the only thing I could think of at the time, I called my best friend and roommate, Benjamin Rogers. The following is a pretty accurate description of the next 30 second phone call.


Ben: “It came didn’t it.”

Me: “I cannot open it ohmygod, it’s here, ohmygod, BEN!!!!!”

Ben: Chuckles, “Congratulations. I’m on my way home.”

Me: “No you don’t understand, it’s here, cannot open it, OH. MY. GOD!”

Ben: “Okay, I will be there shortly, we will take a look at it.”

Me: Squealing now “Gonna faint, gonna scream, gonna pass out, gonna throw up. Ben, OHMYGOD!!!!”

Ben: Smiling, “Beth, breathe.”

Needless to say, I didn’t pass out or throw up. I did scream though. I was shaking so bad I couldn’t open it on my own. Ben did rush home and he watched as I opened it and held a dream that I had never dared dream in my hands for the first time. The smile on his face told me more than words. He saw me everyday in my struggle getting these written, the emotional toll some of them took on me as I put them on paper. He was the one that put them all together and presented them to his publisher, Dr. Pus. In fact, if it were not for Ben, I would not be able to present this to the world. He did all the formatting and helped me with the edits of this.

Now that the weekend has gone by and we have looked through the proof to be sure that I present to you the best possible product, there are a couple changes, so the release will be delayed just a little longer. I want nothing but the best for my fans. Your support and continued following is what keeps me going. I hope to have a release date for you very soon. It should be in March, as well as with my list of appearances. In the meantime, if you go to you will get to see the very first review done on, Poetry From Beyond the Mist, right now.

I want to thank each and every one of you again. I want to thank Ben for all of his hard work and dedication to seeing this through for me. I want to thank my publisher Dr. Pus with the Library of Horror Press. I am humbled by your support and followings. I still cannot believe this is real. If I am dreaming, don’t pinch me, I never want to wake up. Oh my God!

New Year Nightmare

The New Year has rung in, again.  What was once a town crowded with party goer’s is now desolate.  No streamers and glitter, only blood spattered buildings and corpses.  Champagne and perfume replaced with death and horror.  Sitting here on my perch, I remember being here when it was full of life.  Dancing and laughter filled fun, peace on Earth and goodwill towards men.  I snort at the thought.  The moment the ball dropped five years ago and unleashed the undead hoard into the masses, life has been nothing but wars, pillaging, raping, and death.

The ash from my stale cigarette falls to the ground and I rub my eyes with the weariness that never seems to leave my body now.  Her bright face flashes before my eyes as the memory haunts me as if it were just last night.  The beautiful blonde hair flowing around her face, the light snow that fell and trapped in her curls.  The way the lights glinted off it made her already breath taking exquisiteness surreal.  Her eyes were the green color of the sea and her lips were ripe cherries plucked from their tree.  Her laughter was the sound of angel’s wings brushing your heart, stealing your breath in awe.

I had spent months looking for the perfect ring, going to all the major stores, most expensive pieces, but no one had anything that was right for her.  One afternoon I stumbled upon this little shop off to the side of town, no fancy signs or advertising, just a small brown building with writing in the window that said Mama’s Place.  I had never seen it before, but something drove me inside.  There was a couple that was well along in their years who I came to discover were from the old country.  I wound up spending hours with them talking that day, telling them about her.  The man smiled and patted his wife’s hand as he went into a back room.  When he came back he produced a small sea green velvet box, one that almost matched her eyes.  Inside was the most perfect ring I had ever seen.  It was nothing fancy, just a small gold band with three simple stones that were the most clear diamonds I had ever seen.  The man explained it was his great great grandfather’s ring, and had many centuries of true happiness and love behind it.  He told me it was $100, I tried arguing that I couldn’t possibly buy his family heirloom, but his wife would hear none of it.  True happiness comes with no price and no bounds.

That night I had taken my love to town to enjoy the festivities.  We had laughed and danced with the other people filling the streets.  Everything was perfect, I knew the moment was right and I pulled out the ring getting down on my knee to ask her to be my wife.  Tears fell from her eyes as people stood around clapping and cheering when she said yes.  I had picked her up and swung her around kissing her as the ball dropped to ring in the most perfect moment of my life, and when my nightmare began.

Before any of us truly understood what was going on, a mass of undead ripped into the crowds feasting on all the warm bodies.  I had been in so much bliss that I never heard anything until they tore her from my arms and chewed her throat out, spraying me in her warm blood turning me into the icy mess I have become.  How I survived that night when they ripped out her heart and jammed it into their mouths, I still don’t know.  Her terror ridden face as she died reaching for me still tears through me like a million knives that shred me apart.  Somehow though, I am still here, holed up inside of Mama’s Place, the sweet old couple long gone.  When I stumbled in here, they were curled up on the couch in each other’s arms, peaceful and natural.  No one tore out their hearts, they died naturally of old age and love.

I put her ring back into my pocket where it has stayed since that dreadful night.  Spitting out the bad taste in my mouth, I look out the window again at the moon filled night.  There are thousands of them out there, those monsters, roaming the streets in search of flesh and blood.  There really is nothing left for me, but still I fight to survive.  I know I cannot give up, I have to see my angel.

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As she curled up in the tree, the branches wrapped around her like large arms, sheltering her from the night. It’s where she came to relax, to hide, to feel safe. This is where he would meet her, where he taught her what love is, where he made love to her the very first time. She closed her eyes and let the memory wash over her.

Their first kiss, his lips were so gentle and tentative. With such tenderness he laid her back into the curve of the branches; as if they were made to cradle their bodies together. He lay with her, hands caressing her flesh as he bared it to the night air. The bark of the tree was soft, like lying back against cotton sheets on a sturdy bed. The smell of fall filled the air around them, the tree still full of leaves that had just begun to change with the season. She never knew another like him, so tender, so full of warmth and emotion.

The memory left her with warmth inside of her that turned icy as she remembered all that had happened since that night. Her father had found them as they came out of the woods just before dawn, hand in hand. The cold fury breathed through him like the winds before the storm. He brought his rifle up and sighted down it, leveled straight at her lover’s heart. She stepped with a boldness that belied her torn heart between the man who reared her and her true love.

“Lacey Meredith Connor, you betrayed me, you are a disgrace.” She flinched as her father spat the venomous words at her. Kevin placed a hand on her shoulder as if to give her strength. With a flash her father lowered the rifle and backhanded Lacey across the face so hard she flew off her feet. Stunned, he had never struck her before, the pain seared through her cheek and mouth. Just as Kevin went to bend to her aid, her father shoved the muzzle of the gun under his chin. “I think you’ve had enough manhandling my daughter boy.”

The memory continued in slow motion. She sat up and wiped the blood from her mouth. As her father spat more venom and insults at them, he brought Kevin to kneel facing her, hands laced behind his head. He brought a piece of barbed wire that was hooked to his belt. As she watched helpless to stop it, her father wrapped the wire around Kevin’s throat. As if realizing what was about to happen, Kevin looked at her and said, “Lacey, I love you” and the rest was cut off as her father pulled the wire tight against his neck and dragged it across, shredding open his throat.

The blood pumped out of his throat, staining her hands and clothes red as she caught her lover as he fell forward. Cradling his dead body, she looked at her father with tears in her eyes. There was nothing left of the man that had raised her with tenderness, years of laughter and lessons. The man before her was mad as he picked his rifle back up and walked towards her. She turned and ran as fast as her legs would carry her. The first shot missed her by mere inches and she ran harder back towards the woods hoping to lose him before she shared the same fate as her beloved. The last thing she heard was her father screaming, “Whore, you’ve killed us all!” Another shot and there was silence behind her.


Finally he had left.  Her body still tense, she waited for some time to be sure he was not returning.  She had no idea how long she had been here, weeks, months, time melted together.  Looking at his latest victim laying there on the table in front of her, so tried to close her mind to what had just happened.  He had flayed open her body like a fish while he grabbed her own hands and forced her to fondle the girl’s insides.  The girl’s screams still echoed in her ears, she had survived too long as he guided his hands around her insides, until he moved her hands to the girl’s heart and forced her to squeeze the center of life out of the girl.  She closed her eyes and shuddered at the memory of the way it beat under her hand until it exploded in a shower of blood.  She took a deep breath, the stench of blood and death permeated this place.  

Thinking she had waited long enough, she started working her right hand smaller.  She had metal manacles on her wrists and ankles, chained to the wall in this room.  There was enough chain that he could drag her into his disgusting obsession, but not give her much room beyond.  She had finally learned how to contort her hand smaller than her manacles.  It took some work and was painful, but it was nothing compared to what he did to her, let alone what he made her do with him to his victims.  As she tugged her hand through the manacle, things thicker than blood that had dried to her hands and arms from the girl peeled off her skin.  

As she freed both hands, she began working at her feet, pointing them as hard as she could, the manacle caught on her ankle bone.  She could slide it through, but needed something to lubricate it.  She tried to spit, but her mouth was too dry to form anything to help her.  Sitting there, she looked at the girl.  “I’m so sorry,” she whispered as she reached her feet over to the lifeless body and sunk them into her belly, coating them with fresh blood.  It was just enough her ankles still bruised, but she could pull her feet through.  

Wasting no time, she got up and headed for the door, straining to hear any sound, she opened it and ran down the hall.  She had no idea where she was being held captive, all she knew is she had to get out.  At the end of the long hall was an elevator.  Panicked, she looked around for stairs or some other source to freedom, not knowing what would be on the other side of such a small confined space.  She took a deep shaky breath as she stepped into the elevator and pushed the button to go up.  

She cowered as small as she could in the corner as the elevator rose smooth and silent.   After what felt like an eternity, the elevator stopped moving and with a silent whoosh, the doors opened.  Trembling, she peered around the corner; there was nothing but a small stone room with a ladder that went to a hatch type door.   Stepping out, she went to the ladder.  Her feet slipped on the blood as she climbed up, but her determination to be free kept her sure and firm as she climbed the ladder.  

The hatch was almost too heavy for her, but the sun that gleamed through the crack was warm and blinding.  A breeze of fresh air brushed her face and her heart hammered in her chest.  She was waiting for him to just pop out of no where and knock her off the ladder.  What if he was just on the other side of the hatch?  Swallowing her fear she would not wait to find out, straining, she pushed up on the hatch and saw green grass and the edge of a wooded area.  The vision of heaven to her, freedom, she pushed the hatch up enough to slide her body out and peer behind the hatch.  There was a large yard with a cabin, and woods on the other side.  But he was no where to be found.  As the hatch shut, it became camouflaged with the grass; she would never have known it was there, his chamber of dementia, deep beneath the ground in what seemed to be an old bomb shelter. 

She ran as fast as her legs would go, away from the house and into the woods, her heart hammered in her chest like the wings of a hummingbird trapped.  The tree branches seemed to want to stop her, catching in her hair and scratching her face, and still she ran.  The underbrush tearing her already bruised and bloody feet open, but she didn’t feel any of it.  Still she ran as hard and fast as her legs would go, determined to put as much distance between her and the hell behind her.  Her lungs burned, and she couldn’t catch her breath, she paused against a tree and risked the look back.  There was nothing but the wooded area, she couldn’t even see through the trees to the yard and house anymore.  

She was free from the chambers below, but she was far from safe.  She wanted to keep running, but not knowing where she was, or how far these woods would go, her mind swirled with what she should do.  Her entire body trembled, so weak, but the desperation to be as far from here as possible drove her forward.  Able to breathe again, she moved forward, at a more restrained pace, trying to come up with a plan.  Turning to look behind her as she took a step, she never saw the trip wire as the ground below her opened up and swallowed her. 

She screamed as she fell, clawing at the earth around her, snapping off her nails like dead twigs from the tree.  She tried to dig in her heels to slow her decent, and the hole turned and she slid at an awkward angle when her legs bent up in front of her.  Balled up, she fell faster, and when she tried to scream again, dirt filled her mouth.  Darkness surrounded her as she was deposited into a large metal chamber with a hard thud.  Stunned with the hard sudden stop, she heard the hole which she fell through closing above her.  She looked up and saw him standing in the doorway.  “Welcome back Emily,” he said as he slammed the door shut, leaving his laughter echoing in her ears.  The realization sunk in that she was back inside the chamber, back to being is prisoner.  As she broke, she screamed into the darkness and madness fell around her.

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The Soldier

He lays down on the ground, hard and melted with the heat of the day.  He closes his eyes and sees her, his beautiful wife.  She’s getting out of the shower, towel wrapped around her and another in her hair.  Her skin still glistens with droplets of water as she walks towards the bed.  She squeezes out some lotion from a bottle; the scent of jasmine fills the air, her favorite scent.  Enthralled with every movement he watches as she rubs those delicate hands together, so soft, nails trim short, no polish.  The ring he bought for her was all he could afford, just a small stone in a sliver band, but she treated it as if it were a million dollar piece and never took it off.  Sitting there on the edge of the bed, she draws one leg up and spreads the lotion on her still damp calf, spreading it around and rubbing it in.  Oh, those calves he knew so well, so soft and shapely.  She had her tall heels out, and he knew that only would accent what was already this beautiful creation.  She looked at him with those blue eyes and smiled bashfully as she moved to the other leg.  “If you don’t get moving, we are going to be late,” she said playfully as the towel slipped from her hair, and the long wet strands fell down over her shoulder and around her face.  It was his undoing as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips of surprise and pleasure at his reaction.  She giggled and her lips parted as the kiss deepened, turning the giggle into a moan.  He rolled her over onto her back and pushed himself up on his knees above her.  The towel had fallen away, leaving her nude, and his breath caught in his throat.  God he was so incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful wife, as he gazed down at her and almost broke then, but he met her eyes and the smoldering desire there as she traced her fingertips down his chest, his belly, and further to capture his hardness in her hand.  A shiver ran through his body with excitement and passion.  She pulled herself up to meet him and kissed his mouth, as he felt the rain patter down on his face.  

Rain?  He opened his eyes and was not in his bed with his beautiful wife, but at the edge of the clearing getting ready to lead his team forward.  His team, his second family, there were 15 of them in all.  Those that were getting to rest were waking with the rain; it was a hot rain that promised a humid and sticky night ahead.  His scout, Jena, had returned and those on watch were gathering their things and rousting the others.  Sadly he let go of the pleasant dream and got up, it was time to move forward.  His men and women were very good, all alert and awake and ready to go.  They didn’t need much order from him, they were chosen because they were the best.  With a nod they started moving forward, this part was a dangerous one as there was no cover, all they had was their silence in movement.  At least the rain was good for helping disguise the small noises, but at the same time, it also helped the enemy hide better as well.  When they were about halfway across the clearing Jena, ever alert, froze.  Flattening ourselves to the ground in one fluid silent motion and waited for her okay.  Everyone was within touching range because of the darkness.  He felt her hand reach out to his arm and signaled three people directly west of them.  Hackles rising on his neck, he looked to the east as if he would see anything, knowing Jena was already doing the same.  He heard a soft thump and her hand gripped his arm tightly, but she said nothing.  She was hit!  His people were trained to take pain and die quietly, so as to not give away their location.  But whoever this was already knew their location, and knew who to hit first.  She made a thumb motion on his arm, letting him know she was okay.  She would lie and say that even if she wasn’t because she was tough like that.  Motions all around as everyone moved as a unit.  Rising up enough to move as fast and as low as possible, almost a scuttle.  The team surrounded him and Jena as they moved quickly back to where they were.  Sometimes it is better to retreat a little and live to fight again.  Thunk.  THUNK.  THUNK!  Much louder this time, the sniper was good, it was close, and he didn’t know if any others were hit just yet, but they were diving back into the cover.  Men splitting off to surround them and keep watch as Ted, the medic, assessed the wounds.  Jena was hit in the shoulder, but was not life threatening.  He squeezed her hand, letting her know he was proud of her for keeping silent not only when hit, but while the medic patched her shoulder.  He saw her smile in the faint glow of the light.  Ducking out from under the cover he gave his eyes a moment to adjust.  The rain came harder now, loud as it pounded down around them.  The team was still silent; they did not waste words.  It was relayed back to him that there were at least twelve others out there now that they could find.  Then the message came that there were at least nineteen enemies deeper in the woods behind them.  Looking up and out and in the trees, he saw more movement.  “Dig in!” He ordered his team.  Every eye snapped to him and then immediately went to their task.  They were surrounded; he knew this from just the past few moments.  His stomach tight he took a deep breath, he knew they were out numbered, but a true solider never gives in.

 SNAP!  The sound brought everyone around to watch as Jena, the look of surprise on her face frozen forever, the bullet clean through her neck.  Time stood still for a moment as the team watched her body fall to the ground, her body shuddered, and she was gone.  Silence meant nothing now, in one fluid movement they all turned around and open fired back out at their enemies.  Time caught back up with them and everything was back in real time.  The sounds of gunshot blended with the thunder as the heart of the storm arrived.  Some men screamed their rage, some so focused on making each bullet count.  The men were dug in as deep as they could get into the ground, but still the return fire found them.  Gary on his right took 3 bullets before he collapsed face first into the mud.  He glanced over his shoulder and Mika was missing part of her head.  Dean and Gabe were still fighting but he saw the red of their blood run down their bodies with the rain.  Looking back out he saw that they were taking some of the enemies down too, but their numbers still were too large.  Andy on his left was shouting something to him, but he couldn’t hear over the storm and the gunfire.  Time slowed again as he turned to look at him, he saw the men on the other side were dead or dying.  There was a burning in his shoulder, like a fire spreading out and down his left arm, he looked down and saw the flesh torn through and bone shattered there.  He didn’t remember being hit, that must have been what Andy was shouting.  He looked up and Andy was hit in the face and blown backwards with the impact.  Oh Andy, he had a wife and 2 young ones at home, this is not how he wanted to send him back to them.  Now there was a burning in his right hand.  Looking down he saw a stump where his hand should have been.  He held it up in front of his face and cocked his head as he watched the blood spurt and glob down around what was left.  He thought funny, if there is no hand, I should not feel pain.  A searing pain hit his back and he collapsed, unable to feel anything in his lower half now.  He looked around at his team, so suddenly destroyed; lay in broken and bloody pieces around him.  He knew this was the end; he had failed his team and his country.  Closing his eyes, he saw his wife’s smiling face, so incredibly precious to him, she held her arms out to him and he ran into her arms.  The smell of jasmine filled the air, he heard her voice so soft in his ear, “I love you baby.”

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