I thought I would never get to finish it.  I had panic attacks, thoughts of my name being slung through the mud, and dreams of being drawn, quartered, hung and burned at the stake.  After months of working to keep my life going in the right direction, helping my best friend through his Mother’s illness and then the loss of her at Christmas, working tons of overtime, I have done it.  I finished the edits on Knightwatch Press, Ultimate Angels anthology.  I cannot thank the publisher and all the authors for their amazing patience with me as I had to continually put off the deadline to have it complete.  This past weekend I put it all together along with my introduction to the book and sent it off to be formatted.  I think the fans will be happy to get a copy of this one, the stories are very well told.

So what is next?  Well Ben and I have found a new place to live and will be spending all of March ‘moving on up’ to a beautiful duplex.  It is a home built in the 1920’s and still has it’s very well-kept original hard wood floors!  It has three bedrooms, the entire attic over the whole house, the basement, and our own backyard.  The landlord is still doing some final work on it before we can move in, but we will be getting the keys over the next week or so.  Ben’s daughter Mallory and our dear friend Savannah have helped us pick out colors and we will be going and painting all the upstairs rooms.  We have started the process of sorting through all the things we have at our current apartment, and are slowly purging clutter from our lives.  It’s the 5 second rule, you touch it and if you cannot figure out what it does, where it goes, or where it came from then it gets sold, given away, or tossed.  So far we are doing an amazing job.

One of the best things in this house is we will have a library.  This will be where we will not only keep our books and have comfy chairs to sit and read in, but will have all of our horror art we have collected at conventions over the past few years hanging up!  As authors this alone has been just an amazing thing to have achieved, getting to have our own library.

After all of this running around (did I mention I am still working a ton of overtime at my day job?) cleaning, packing, moving, purging and unpacking, I know of one thing I will be doing.  Something I have always dreamed of having, a long hot soak in a beautiful tub.  This is our new bathtub.  There are still some renovations, and we plan on changing the sink back to the era specific style.  Right now, my focus is getting to the point where I can fill this tub up and say, “Calgon, take me away!”

I hope this post finds you all well, and I hope to give you more updates soon!




Well guys and gals, I am sorry that I have not posted in a while.  Things have been at a maddening pace for the past two months for me.  I wanted you all to know I haven’t forgotten any of you, nor has Lacey.  As a matter of fact, she is beating the inside of my head so hard to be let out again that sleep doesn’t come easily to me anymore.  But don’t you fret, I will be working on her this week.  So keep checking in.

Thought I’d give you all a little update what has been going on for me.  I’m not real good at this whole personal thing, so bear with me.  First my two best friends had to move out the first month.  They lived across the street from me and moved an hour away.  It was an everyday after work and on the weekends kind of thing and extremely stressful for all those involved.  I miss them, but it’s a good move for them and things are looking up.

Also I work as a rescue worker for a couple of race car tracks and the past month was the end of the season.  Normally keeps me tied up from Friday night through Sunday night.  Leaves little time for anything other than rescue operations and passing out at the end of a long day.  But I was born into the sport and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  To me, there is nothing better than the feeling of saving someone’s life and cheering them on to keep them going around the track.

The second month I have been MIA, working overtime at work and getting things in order for the restructure we have been going through.  I work for a medical billing office for the university in our area, and it’s been a bumpy road.  We are hoping to have everything settled by the end of the week.  It will be nice to get back to a normal pace, I hope that is what we will achieve at least.

I have also been working with Ben on a lot of different pieces of writing.  He has really helped me beyond imagination in honing my skills and turning out some really good work!  He is my mentor and now also my co-writer on a collaboration piece we are both working on.  We have been submitting a few stories over the past month when life has slowed down enough to allow us time.  His wife Kristy is so wonderful to help us with our edits and cheering us on.  Kudos to them both, they really have become a strong support and great friends to me.  Thank you guys!